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Eric Johnson of KOMO TV posted this short video recently. Another look at how Pickleball was invented and how it's doing now...

The History Of Pickleball—Interested in the history of Pickleball direct from the founders? Watch this short and informative video...

USA Pickleball 2023 Official Rule Book—Here is the link: USA-Pickleball-Official-Rulebook-2023-v2.pdf (

Protective Eyewear is recommended for everyone!—Here is the link: Performance Eyewear that Protects Your Most Important Asset, Your Vision - USA Pickleball

2022 Serving Rules & Should You Incorporate the Drop Serve in Your Game?—Below is a great video explaining serving and who can benefit from using the drop serve:

Court Shoes Are a Must for Pickleball—Proper pickleball footwear is a must for both safety and performance. Court shoes are designed specifically for court and racquet sports, and the unique tread and shoe design provides support, comfort and traction to move in all directions. Running shoes are primarily designed for going forward and do not provide the needed support or traction for moving laterally or for quick stops. The use of running or non-court shoes can lead to sprained ankles and other injuries on the court. Pickleball specific shoes are designed for safety, comfort and performance. Some manufacture’s shoes are designed with a larger toe box to accommodate the sudden stops and starts in the game. When researching and shopping for shoes, make sure to take into account the type of surface you are playing on. A little research and investment in proper footwear will pay dividends in both your game and health. Don’t forget to trade out those worn out shoes for new ones.

A Kid's and Beginner's Guide to Pickleball—Click on this link...A Kid's and Beginner's Guide to Pickleball to find a great breakdown on the history of the sport, benefits of learning pickleball for kids and adults, rules and scoring, form and technique, etc.

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